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Nancy J Walton RMT | Energy ~ Sound ~ Color Therapies | Feng Shui

           "Holistic health & wellness"

45 West 46th St., 4th floor, NY, NY 10036         267-221-7160 

Healing comes in the form of energy, frequency & vibration 

 The human body vibrates at certain frequencies at the centers of the human energy body So when we come into contact with a crystal, its vibration interacts with the vibration of the cells in our body and the 7 energy centers of our body.

Crystals have their own frequencies and respond to the input of vibration and interact with the human electromagnetic field

Native Indians in the United states and other indigenous tribes have used, and continue to use crystals to detect and heal illness.

 The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are brought into balance using  quartz crystals and semi precious stones which are placed over the body's energy centers or chakras. 

Here is a list of stones and crystals that you might find helpful - each one coordinates with the colors of the 7 Chakras -Violet, Purple, Indigo, Blue, Green or Pink, Yellow, Orange and RED

Agate  Balances the yin yang energies it helps with courage and strength, helps with perceptiveness and precision - grounding

Amazonite  Brings joy, clarity and an understanding of universal love. Aligns and balances mental and etheric bodies. Calms nerves, aids creative expression and cutes through illusion.

Amethyst  The Peace Stone. Ideal for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities. A greatly calming influence, very protective and inspirational. Radiates divine love.

Aquamarine  Aids self-expression, calms nerves, dispels intolerance and helps banish fears and phobias. Provides emotional and intellectual stability and clarity of mind.

Aventurine  Balance the yin yang energies. Motivates and refines positive attitudes and feelings of independence. Relieves anxiety and fear.

Azurite  Cleanses the mind and soul. Awakens psychic abilities and initiates transformation. Enhances creativity, self-confidence and inspiration.

Bloodstone  Revitalizes and enhances both body and mind. A powerful healing stone renewal. Instills wisdom and sensitivity for inner guidance.

Calcite  Alleviates fear, clears and balances. Facilitates an awareness and understanding of nature. Aids in the remembering of astral travel experience.

Carnelian  Aids concentration and memory. Stimulates inquisitiveness and dispels apathy. Enhances attunement with the inner self.

Chrysoprase  Helps clarify personal problems and brings out hidden talents. Instills a sense of grace. Balance attitudes and actions.

Citrine  The abundance Stone. Joyous, warm and energizing. Raises self esteem, stimulates mental focus and aids in the alignment with the higher self.

Clear Quartz  The Energy Stone. Excellent for meditation. Amplifies energy and thought. Dispels negativity. Receives, stores, and transmits energy. Aids communication with every dimension.

Flourite  A stone of discernment and higher understanding. Balances and advances the mind and increases concentration. A stabilizing influence on all levels.

Garnet  A stone of love and compassion. It strengthens and purifies, balances the body’s energy field and enhances the imagination.

Hematite  The Stress Stone. Enhances mental capabilities and reduces stress. Strengthens and energizes both physical and etheric bodies. Dispels negativity.

Howlite  Reduces stress and pain and encourages patience, discernment and refinement. Aids communication and expression.

Jade  Balances the emotions and encourages wisdom. Aids in remembering and solving dreams. Peaceful, nurturing and stress relieving.

Jasper  Protective and grounding, a balancer on all levels. A sustaining stone working mainly on the physical body.

Lapis Lazuli  Expands awareness and intellect an enhances psychic abilities. Helps overcome depression, aids creativeness and protects.

Malachite  Heals the heart. Aids intuitiveness and transformation. Balances, clarifies the emotions, clears subconscious blocks and reduces stress.

Sunstone  Dissolves negativity and grounds the root chakra. Brings happiness and sunshine and shines light into the shadow self.

Moonstone  Enhances the feminine nature. Stimulates confidence and balances emotions. Encourages intuitiveness and perception.

Obsidian  Grounds, protects and shields against negativity. Aids in the understanding and clearing of subconscious blocks.

Snowflake Obsidian  Brings purity and balance on all levels. Encourages understanding and realignment of though patterns.

Onyx Balances  the yin yang energies. Reduces stress and encourages self control. Encourages happiness, good fortune and higher inspiration.

Opal Encourages  intuitiveness, inspiration and imagination. Aids in memory improvement.

Peridot  Inspires happiness, strengthens and regenerates. Protects and purifies. reduces anger and jealousy.

Pyrite  Protects against negativity on all levels. Encourages a positive outlook and greater understanding. Aids memory and intellect.

Rhodonite  Aids self esteem and confidence .Reduces anxiety, balances and inspires greater understanding and discernment .Assists in maximizing ones potential.

Rose Quartz  The Love Stone. Balances, heals and rejuvenates the emotions. Cools hot tempers, clears stored anger, guilt and jealousy. Encourages compassion and harmony.

Rutilated Quartz  Enhances insight and understanding of problems. Assists in communication with higher self and guides. Deflects negativity and interference.

Smokey Quartz  Dispels negativity and releases emotional blocks. Balances grounds and protects. Enhances channeling powers

Sodalite  Enhances communication and creative expression. Rationalizes and aids clear thinking bringing clarity and truth.

Selenite  A very intense and highly attuned crystal. Helps one connect to their higher self and into higher frequencies

Tigers Eye  Brings cheerfulness and optimism. Enhances clarity of thought, balances the yin yang energies and helps soften anyone.

Tourmaline  The Protection Stone. Wards off fear and negativity. Enhances inspiration and encourages self confidence and understanding.

Turquoise  Brings peace of mind, wisdom and understanding. Enhances psychic abilities and communication. Protects and balances.

Unakite  Balances the emotional body and gives an awareness and understanding of subconscious blocks.

BONUS - here is a list of crystals that correlate with the chakras that you can download

Nancy J. Walton, RMT, CRRP 267-221-7160