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Nancy J Walton RMT | Energy ~ Sound ~ Color Therapies | Feng Shui

           "Holistic health & wellness"

45 West 46th St., 4th floor, NY, NY 10036         267-221-7160 

The principle of Yoga is to join and balance the tattwas [tattvas], or elemental functions of the five elements, with the prana energy, the breath of life, which animates them. The "Ha" of the sun's vital radiation principle and the "Tha" of the moon substance are blended in the body functions for health of the body as is the case in all of Nature. (The Ha and Tha combine to form the word Hatha, so familiar to Westerners from Hatha Yoga postures.)

Health is viewed as a reflection of your environment, and your mental/emotional and spiritual condition of and within the energy field, and these therapeutic methods are designed for balancing all aspects of your life for healthy living.

Negative thoughts and emotions precede physical disease, including accidents. Suffering is ultimately derived from thoughts based on materialism, rather than the soul’s evolutionary impulses which are then compromised by tendencies of pleasure-seeking.  

Any posture or stretch in Yoga is designed for health which must meet the requirements of the constitution of man by balancing "the above" (the subtle causal patterns of mind and sound current energy) with "the below" (the gross elements of solids and liquids in the structural frame). "As above, so below" is also mentioned in the ancient Tablet of Hermes. Tension fields in the five subtle elements of the body must be balanced in action and function, and united to the inner conscious center of "being". This is the object of Polarity Yoga for Health postures and practice.

Squat~Rock - This posture places the body similar to the fetal position. All parts of the body are in close proximity. Start in a squat position with feet closely together and flat on floor if possible. Place your feet with the heels 3 - 6" apart and the the knees are 6 - 12" apart. Armpits are over the knees. and hands clasped in front. Head is bent forward. The arms pull the knees inward with a squeeze of the thighs together, stretching the shoulder blades. Now begin rocking forward and backward and you can also move from side to side. Spinal Twist From the Pyramid you can transition to the Spinal Twist by bending slightly more while keeping your feet wide apart, pointing outward. With knees bend and arms straight, inhale and twist to one side and exhale with a "HA", then inhale and go back to center. Twist to the other side and again exhale with a "HA".

Woodchopper This is a flowing movement. Standing straight, place feet shoulders width apart and keep the knees relaxed and a slightly bent. Raise your arms over your head extending arms up to the ceiling and clasp hands together and breathing in the body is done with an arched back. Imagine yourself a wood chopper...and that you have an axe in your hands. Lung forward, hinging from the hips bringing hands down and between the legs. As you thrust the axe down and through the legs exhale with a 'HA" while dropping your head with this movement to release body tension. When coming back up go slow and inhale 

Cliff Hanger Warm up with the Woodchopper first. Start from a standing position Find a stable chair, a bench. or a low table like a coffee table Place your hands behind you on the object which will be behind you then place both feet are about 12" in front of the chair or table creating a slight incline with your body as you start out with a bend at the waist. Inhale and straighten your arms behind you and raise yourself so that your are in almost a 90 degree angle. Then on the release exhale and relax the body and tilt the head slightly forward As you relax the body slowly lower yourself using just your arms - while bending at the upper leg so that you are almost in a sitting position. inhale on the up push and repeat.

Scissors Kick Lay face down with forehead on hands flat, one on top of the other. legs are apart in a v formation.. Bend legs at knees. Keeping knees bent, drop feet toward floor. Then bring them upward, criss-cross feet at ankles, swinging feet past each other and then outward, then drop feet toward the floor again. 

Sessions are 1 hour to 90 minutes Invite your body back into balance ~ Sleep well ~ Heal Injury ~ Relieve pain ~ Alleviate Moodiness ~ Breath Easy ~ Increase Energy ~ Improve Immunity ~ Increase Circulation ~  


Heals together hands together in prayer position for centering and beginning the flow of elements Breath in through looking up through the heart and open up to the Sunrise open to the sun let your head drop down and jaw, release 'ha' and breathing in drawing the energy in back to the center of the body to the ultra sonic core and in.....knees bend sink into the earth.


Stimulate the water and fluid and water element in the body. Step back with the right foot, drop the head back breathing in and then bring hands up and push the water like in Tai Chi back then forward moving then side arms waving then up breathing in and release going out. then back to center


release the brachial plexus the shoulder/neck - Chair take hands palms down and forward facing grab chair and drop chin to chest and let weight sink down into a body squat and breath in and out stretching and then lift back up after a minute breath normal.


all the way down release pelvis breath and breath out exhale out

Wise Man of Old

Come down into the Polarity Squat - place finger interlock and bring thumbs to eyebrow point and rock forward and back, the lift torso up when done slowly through the spine. and stand up and breath normally

Ha Frog

Diaphragm release bringing energy down through the legs. Bend down to grab the inner arch of feet with your hands. Breath in lifting buttocks up, chin is to the chest, then squat breathing out with the sound 'HA' in frog position. Be careful not to arch the neck back keeping head straight so the sound comes out in a resonant way. Slowly role back up feel the currents moving from the legs

Windshield Wipers

Commonly used exercise. In sitting position with arms behind you, the Legs are open in a 'V' position Move legs with the feet from left to right in a windshield like motion. Stimulating the ankles dynamic pulse up the hip joint and spine energy moves up from the legs. Do this for a few minutes you just come to a still point and feel the energy moving up circulating around.

The Rower

Grab your toes, or grab knees and it stimulate water and pump forward to back release neck, pull toes back so the hands move towards body and rock back and forth

Rock and Roll (aka Spinal Rock)

Caution if have back problems. IN sitting position grab back of knees and with chin to chest, round the back as much as possible, allow the body to drop and rock/roll back and forth. breathing and then exhale on the back roll. Gives a nice stretch from spine to head.

Psoas Stretch

Muscle behind the hip joint which sometimes causes lower back problems. Sitting on the floor

take knees to center then drop knees to left and while bent move the upper torso to the left and then to the right. Breathing in, take the left arm and reach to the sky and sink the hip joint down and make a half moon curve and thread the needle. do not arch the back. Take a deep breath in, neck is relaxed and down. Then come back and stretch the other side, take the knees over and stretch again sinking the hip into the floor....If you feel uncomfortable in the knees come out of the position.

Release by slowly releasing the arm back up into the air and back down behind you and then let the legs stretch out in front of you.

Spinal Twist

laying on the back, stretch right leg out and bring left leg up into a bent position place right hand on knee and gently drop the left knee over to the right and extend left hand outstretched to the side in a half-T formation keeping shoulder to the floor, looking back at arm. and take a deep breath in. Slowly bring leg back and slide down and bring other leg up. Good for Sciatica.

release in a 5 point star open position and relax.

Partner Diaphragm Release

Standing over partner who is laying down, Hands go into their diaphragm gently and they have one knee bent, then the other leg goes up and breaths out when legs goes down.

Reverse and release again and press gently in on the diaphragm.


Sinus release laying on stomach bring arms in front of you in a diamond shape resting the forehead in between the thumb and fingers. Shoulders are relaxed and neck and then open the legs and criss-cross the legs in front and back after bring legs back and take a deep breath through the nose.

Cat Back

Come down onto knees, bring directly under the hips, bring arms in front directly below the shoulders, and breath in dropping the arch of the back, ribs come up, and head up with chin, jaw open breath in. Then reverse the stretch, tucking the pelvis up, arching the back, pressing stomach into the spine, pressing up, chin to chest, breath in and out., releasing the neck, then come back to a sitting position.

Prayer Stretch

Go back onto the knees, sitting on legs, bring arms in front and bend down and let the head drop down to the carpet, let the head and shoulders stretch and breath. Now stretch to the left, breath and reach to the right and stretch and breath. Let your weight sink down, and then back to center, let the wave come up the spine. Come back onto legs, coming to a stand position supporting your spine with hands on legs, slowly role the spine to a standing position.

Motor Balance

Back stretch Yang Position. Come to a sitting position on the floor knees bend and bring upper torso forward and grab hand around knees. Drop the head then breath in this position gathering your strength.

Sensory Balance

Yin position sitting with legs cross close eyes breath in and out hands are on legs in front of you. Good for centering