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Nancy J Walton RMT | Energy ~ Sound ~ Color Therapies | Feng Shui

           "Holistic health & wellness"

45 West 46th St., 4th floor, NY, NY 10036         267-221-7160 

  Kripalu Polarity Yoga

"We really enjoyed your Yoga...When are you going to come back again.....maybe you can teach another class!"

~ International School of Shiatsu yoga students

Some of you have already experienced my Yoga and know the gentle effects of my work from Alan Cohen's ''The Weekend of Pure Love' held in the Catskills of New York at Pathworks, and from Newtown's Center Club in Bucks County, PA

I've taught Yoga at Body Body Works, Pennsbury Raquet Club, Body Tech Fitness, within Gene Dillman's Lambertville Massage Therapy, Crossroads Expo, Moon Haven Studio Ringghold, GA 

Kripalu Polarity Yoga unites the masculine and feminine to balance both the right and left hemisphere within our bodies so we are unified Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether Elements. It is a comprehensive system of physical exercise that works on an energetic level that assists with emotional release with gentle stretching and energy balancing postures called Polarity Yoga is a complete health care system that targets the Meridians, releases toxins by stretching the muscles that frees long held stresses in the body and old stuck emotional pockets of energy.

Incorporating Polarity Yoga stretches can help release & reconnect you body and mind. When you combine Meridian Acupressure-points of Kripalu Polarity, the body begins the natural healing process. A Polarity Therapist will teach a client the most beneficial exercises for them. These exercises can be done for only a few minutes each day and still be effective.

The benefit of Polarity Yoga (aka. self-polarization exercises) is to stimulate and balance life energy, to work with balancing the 5 elements, and the idea of effortless effort. All theses exercises are meant to be simple and done with ease and to stimulate the organs, bringing energy, oxygen and blood to those organs to enhance your life energy.

Its very different than a lot of the exercise that we find today which is externally based with building muscles and becoming strong. What we're doing in Polarity Yoga is building inner strength and tone as well as flexibility so that we can feel more and enhance the life energy flow of the elements in our bodies.

* The term "Polarity Yoga" and its principles and practices were published by Dr. Stone in 1970 in a small pamphlet titled Energy Tracing Notes.

Dr. Stone personally explained and demonstrated Polarity Yoga with great enthusiasm in workshops in the early 1970s. And, although photos of Dr. Stone himself doing the exercises are available only for a few of the many variations he demonstrated in person, all of the exercises are part of Polarity Yoga and/or the Easy Stretching Postures.


The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus